Chinese Christianity / 中国基督教
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中华基督教教育会与The Educational Review
文化共生视野下近代中国教会大学文献研究——以天津工商学院为例 [Modern Chinese Missionary University Literature Study in the Perspective of Cultural Symbiosis——Taking Tianjin Technology and Business College as the Example]
吴哲夫(E.W.Wallace)与基督教教育的中国化实践 [Missionary E. W. Wallace and Chinese Christian Education in 1920's]
由“普世价值”到“中国化”:近代教会大学图书馆功能演变 [From the “Universal Value”to “Sinicize”: The Function Evolution of M odern Church University Libraries]
勉为其难 善始无终——美国天主教本笃会圣文森总会院对北京辅仁大学的创办始末
中国近代教会大学自主招考运作模式及其启示 [Operation Mode of the Admission and Entrance Examination of Church Universities in Early Modern China]
修道院文化对中世纪大学的影响 [The Influence of the Cloister Cultures on the Universities in the Middle Ages]
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