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What do we mean by development, and what kind of development do we want? What can we learn from alternative life concepts? How to push forward a new development paradigm? These are three key questions of Dialogue4change (Dialogue for change), a joint initiative of Bread For All and the Swiss Lenten Fund, two faith based development organizations committed to building in solidarity a more equitable world, respectful of all creation. Dialogue4change aims at reaching innovative concepts, as guidance and lobbying tool for all those who are striving for a more responsible, caring world. The dialogue4change is inter-disciplinary and gathers people from all parts of the world. is partner of the project and mandated to provide a database of documents for the researchers and discussion groups with this collection. 

Classification tree

BE Dialogue4Change Collection

BE01 Transformation Terms

          BE010 Transformation
          BE011 Development
                       BE0111 Right to Development, Indicators
                       BE0112 Milestones/History of Development
                       BE0113 Theory/Myths/Narratives
          BE012 Growth
          BE013 Change
          BE014 Innovation
          BE015 Restoration/Tradition
          BE016 Transition
          BE017 Globalisation
          BE018 Salvation
          BE019 Others

BE02 Transformation Values
          BE020 Justice/Equity
          BE021 Freedom
          BE022 Sustainability
                      BE0221 Rio + 20
                      BE0222 Finance and Sustainability
          BE023 Participation
          BE024 Compassion
          BE025 Solidarity
          BE026 Peace
          BE027 Community
          BE028 Reconciliation
          BE029 Others

BE03 Transformation Principles
          BE031 Golden Rule of reciprocity (do to others …)
          BE032 Do no harm Principle
          BE033 Subsidiarity Principle
          BE034 Polluters pay Principle
          BE035 Capability and Capacity
          BE036 Benefit and Burden Sharing Principle
          BE037 Transparency/Accountability Principles (Publish what you pay)
          BE038 Human Rights Principles
          BE039 Others

BE04 Transformation Actors
          BE040 Public/governmental
                       BE0401 Rio + 20
                       BE0402 UN-MDG's /SDG's
          BE041 Private sector/producers
                       BE0411 Transnational Coorportations
          BE042 Private sector/investors/financing
                       BE0421 Sustainable Finance Initiatives, Socially Responsible Investors
          BE043 Non- profit/non-governmental
                       BE0431 World Social Forum
                       BE0432 Occupy Wall Street (Indignadose)
          BE044 Researchers/innovators
          BE045 Educators/academics
          BE046 Religious/spiritual actors
          BE047 Cultural actors (Artists, musicians …)
          BE048 Others

BE05 Transformation levels
          BE050 Local
          BE051 National
          BE052 Regional
          BE053 Continental
          BE054 Global
                       BE0541 UN Mechanisms, World Social Forum, G8, G20, OECD
          BE055 Urban
          BE056 Rural
          BE057 Centralised
          BE058 Decentralised

BE06 Transformation Alternatives
          BE060 Peoples economy
                       BE0601 World Social Forum
                       BE0602 Buen Vivir/Good living
                       BE0603 Narratives
          BE061 Sufficiency and happiness economy
          BE062 De- growth
          BE063 Mysticism/religious renewal
          BE064 Healing
          BE065 Sustainable development
                      BE0651 MDG's /post MDG's/SDG's
                      BE0652 Food Sovereignity
                      BE0653 Green Economy
          BE066 Social entrepreneurship
          BE067 Migration subcultures
                       BE0671 Interculturality
          BE068 Resistance against illegitimate structures
                       BE0681 Anti/Corruption
                       BE0682 Debt Cancellation
          BE069 Others

BE07 Transformation Strategies
          BE070 Reform
                       BE0701 Gouvernance/Democracy
                       BE0702 Paradigm shift
                       BE0703 Commons
          BE071 Revolution
          BE072 Education
          BE073 Peoples movements/democratic decision
                       BE0731 Gouvernance/Democracy
                       BE0732 Occupy Wall Street (Indignados)
          BE074 Legal action/criminal law/standards
          BE075 Investments/Technol. Innovation
          BE076 Networking/Advocacy/Campaigning
          BE077 Prayer/Spiritual Energy
          BE078 Disaster event/shock
          BE079 Others

BE08 Transformation Resources (power)
          BE080 Natural Resources
                       BE0801 Land Grabbing
          BE081 Human Resources
          BE082 Financial Resources
                       BE0821 Tax
                       BE0822 Finance and Sustainability
                       BE0823 Debt
                       BE0824 Financing for Development
          BE083 Political Resources
          BE084 Cultural Resources
          BE085 Religious/Spiritual Resources
          BE086 Communication/Networking/Media Resources
          BE087 Organizational Resources
          BE088 Others

BE09 Transformation Obstacles
          BE090 Fatalism/Resignation
          BE091 Fundamentalism
          BE092 Fascism
          BE093 Criminal actors/illegal action
          BE094 Secret/underground actors
          BE095 War/Violence/Terrorism
          BE096 Others
                       BE0961 Debt
                       BE0962 Tax
                       BE0963 Land Grabbing

BE10 Types of Interaction
          BE100 Sharing experiences (Sharing dialogue)
          BE101 Sharing and Deciding (Deciding dialogue)
          BE102 Blaming and Shaming
          BE103 Threatening and Forcing
          BE104 Arguing and Convincing
          BE105 Leadership Decision
          BE106 Collective Decision
          BE107 Entertaining and Gaming
                       BE1071 Edutainment, Ethical Games, Development Games
          BE108 Good practices and tools
          BE109 Others

BE11 Transformation Continents
          BE110 Australia/Oceania
          BE111 Africa
          BE112 Asia
          BE113 Europe
          BE114 Middle East
          BE115 North America
          BE116 Latin America
          BE117 Global
          BE118 Other websites

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