Ecotheology Climate Justice and Food Security
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Consumer Competence Strategies, Spiritually Inspired Core Values and Locus of Control: What Are the Links?
The Influence of Islamic Religiosity on the Perceived Socio-Cultural Impact of Sustainable Tourism Development in Pakistan: A Structural Equation Modeling Approach
Table of Contents
Valuing Cultural Services of the Kailash Sacred Landscape for Sustainable Management
Religious Travellers’ Improved Attitude towards Nature
Catholic Energy Ethics: Commitments and Criteria
Rethinking Consumerism from the Perspective of Religion
Radical Social Ecology as Deep Pragmatism: A Call to the Abolition of Systemic Dissonance and the Minimization of Entropic Chaos
Eco-Dimensionality as a Religious Foundation for Sustainability
Volcanic Suppression of Nile Summer Flooding Triggers Revolt and Constrains Interstate Conflict in Ancient Egypt
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