Collection Description

Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security

This collection gathers contributions, resources and perspectives on eco-theology, climate justice, and food security from Christian, Churches, and/or other religious traditions. It also contains the Global Survey on Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security in Theological Education and Christian Leadership Development, the presentations and report of the follow up consultation on the same subject held at the Academy of Volos, Demetriades Diocese of Church of Greece, 10-13 March, 2016. They can be found under FB5 ETCF resources below.
The whole collection has been updated as of February 2018.


Classification Tree: Overview

           FB1    Reference Works
           FB2    Eco-theological perspectives
           FB3    Issues
           FB4    Theological and related disciplines
           FB5    ETCF resources
           FB6    World regions


Classification Tree: Details

FB    Ecotheology, Climate Justice and Food Security

         FB1    Reference Works          
                    FB11    Encyclopaedias
                    FB12    Dictionaries
                    FB13    Biblical Commentaries
                    FB14    Bibliographies
                    FB15    Handbooks
                    FB16    Theses and Dissertations
                    FB17    Other

          FB2    Eco-theological perspectives
                     FB21    Eco-feminism   
                     FB22    Eco-mission
                     FB23    Eco-spirituality
                     FB24    Indigenous/Aboriginal theologies
                     FB25    Theology of Creation   [includes integrity of creation]
                     FB26    Theology of life
                     FB27    Public theology
                     FB28    Green Seminaries
                     FB29    Other

          FB3    Issues
                     FB31    Biodiversity
                     FB32    Climate justice
                                   FB321    Desertification and Deforestation
                     FB33    Food security
                     FB34    Ecology and development
                     FB35    Economic structures and policies
                                   FB351    Green economy
                     FB36    Sustainability
                     FB37    Energy
                     FB38    Human rights, justice and participation
                     FB39    Social-Ecological Transformation

          FB4    Theological and related disciplines
                     FB41   Biblical studies       
                     FB42    Church History
                     FB43    Systematic Theology/Dogmatics
                     FB44    Ethics   
                     FB45    Ecumenical theology or studies
                     FB46    Pastoral/Practical theology
                     FB47    Inter-Religious Dialogue and Perspectives
                     FB48    Religious studies
                     FB49    Philosophy

          FB5    ETCF resources
                     FB51   Curriculum models
                     FB52    E-learning-courses
                     FB53    Journals
                     FB54    Journal articles
                     FB55    Research papers
                     FB56    Statements from churches/church orgs
                     FB57    Theological monographs
                     FB58    Multimedia
                     FB59    Other

          FB6    World regions
                     FB61    Africa
                     FB62    Asia
                     FB63    Caribbean
                     FB64    Europe
                     FB65    Middle East
                     FB66    Latin America
                     FB67    North America
                     FB68    Oceania

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