Ethic@ : An International Journal for Moral Philosophy
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Musonius Rufus’ “Feminism”
Martha Nussbaum’s Universalist Feminism
Philosophy, Gender and Feminism: Hangout on the Occasion of the Unesco World Philosophy Day 2017
Beauvoir and the Women’s Situation: Between Subjectivity And Facticity
Some Remarks On Woman’s Nature In The Family And Political Community According To Plato, Aristotle And Hegel
Can the Congenital Zika Virus Syndrome Crisis Contribute to Challenging Contemporary Discourses Against Abortion Legalization in Brazil?
Domination and Power Relations in Brazilian Agriculture: A Gender Analysis of the Concept of Adequate Food
Morality of Ambiguity, Freedom and Liberation: Philosophy and Feminism in Simone De Beauvoir
Beati Possidentes? Kant on Inequality and Poverty
Emergencies and criminal law in Kant’s legal philosophy.
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