Ethics in Higher Education
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Transcultural Competence as Transformative Learning for Building an Inclusive Society
Art Therapy Large Group (ATLG): Politics and Possibilities
Öğrencilerin Öğretim Üyelerine Yönelik Memnuniyetlerinin İncelenmesi
Against All Odds: Exploring wellbeing transformation with mothers of disabled children from poor urban settlements in Southern Africa
Adult vocational qualifications reduce the social gradient in education
Використання онлайн платформи EdEra для фахової підготовки майбутніх учителів української мови і літератури
Зміст навчання дорослого населення в університетах Великої Британії
Training marketing by German companies: Which training place characteristics are communicated?
Large scale studies of holistic professional competence in vocational education and training (VET): The case of Norway
Why enrol in a lifelong learning programme? A comparative study of Austrian and Spanish young adults
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