Ethics in Higher Education
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Transcultural Competence as Transformative Learning for Building an Inclusive Society
Art Therapy Large Group (ATLG): Politics and Possibilities
Öğrencilerin Öğretim Üyelerine Yönelik Memnuniyetlerinin İncelenmesi
Against All Odds: Exploring wellbeing transformation with mothers of disabled children from poor urban settlements in Southern Africa
Why enrol in a lifelong learning programme? A comparative study of Austrian and Spanish young adults
Рівні забезпечення якості підготовки фахівців з кібербезпеки в закладах вищої освіти США
Adult vocational qualifications reduce the social gradient in education
Зміст навчання дорослого населення в університетах Великої Британії
Training marketing by German companies: Which training place characteristics are communicated?
Large scale studies of holistic professional competence in vocational education and training (VET): The case of Norway
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