Collection Description

Gender and Theology
Gender is a term which is used to denote "a range of identities that do not correspond to established ideas of male and female" (Oxford Dict., OUP), but which stand for a social construct, by opposition to a reduction to a psycho-physiological determinism. Gender and Theology collection gathers over 40,000 items in the intersection of gender and theology with a strong focus on Latin America. Spanish classification.
Classification tree: Overview

FE200    Feminism
FE300    Gender theologies
FE400    Gender theologies by continents (Geographical areas)
FE500    Gender and the Bible
FE600    Gender theologies and Christian doctrines
FE700    Gender and Practical theology
FE800    Gender studies/theologies and religions


Classification tree: Details

FE000    Reference works
               FE001    Encyclopedias, dictionaries
               FE002    Introductions
               FE003    Handbooks
               FE004    Theses and dissertations
               FE005    Book reviews
               FE006    Bibliographies
               FE007    Educational resources

FE100    Gender studies
               FE101    Definitions (sex/gender distinction, typology of gender ... etc.)
               FE102    Nature of women in (traditional) Christian Theology
               FE103    History of Christianity and gender relations
               FE104    Women liberation movement
               FE105    Patriarchy / Patriarchalism
               FE106    Masculinities
               FE107    Sexism / Discrimination / Violence against women
               FE 108 Womens' rights / Gender equality

FE200    Feminism
               FE201    Feminism and interculturality
               FE202    Feminism and postmodernism
               FE203    Feminism and theology
                              FE2031    Feminism and liberation theology
               FE204    Feminism and ethics
               FE205    Feminism and social change
               FE206    Feminism and religion
               FE207    Feminism and linguistic bias
               FE208    Black Feminism
               FE209    Ecofeminism
               FE210    Feminism and economics
               FE211    Feminist theologians (20th/21st century)
                              FE21101    Ivone Gebara
                              FE21102    Ada Maria Isasi-Diaz
                              FE21103    Kwok, Pui-lan
                              FE21104    Sallie McFague
                              FE21105    E. Moltmann-Wendel
                              FE21106    Rosemary Radford Ruether
                              FE21107    Letty M. Russell
                              FE21108    Elisabeth Schüssler Fiorenza
               FE212    Feminist philosophers (20th/21st century)
                              FE21201    Simone de Beauvoir
                              FE21202    Judith Butler
                              FE21203    Luce Irigaray
                              FE21204    Julia Kristeva
                              FE21205    Mary Wollstonecraft

FE300    Gender theologies
               FE301    Feminist theology
               FE302    Womanist theology (Feminist theology of African American origin)
               FE303    Mujerista theology (Feminist theology of Hispanic/Latin American origin)
               FE304    Queer Theologies
               FE305    Gender theologies and interculturality
               FE306    Postcolonial gender theologies
               FE307    Gender theology and religious fundamentalism
               FE308    Gender theology and religious pluralism
               FE309    Indigenous gender theologies

FE400    Gender theologies by continents (Geographical areas)
               FE401    Asia
               FE402    Africa
               FE403    Europe
               FE404    Latin America
               FE405    North America-
               FE406    Oceania/Pacific

FE500    Gender and the Bible
               FE501    Women in the Bible
               FE502    Feminist interpretation of the Bible
               FE503    Bible and homosexuality (incl. LGBT perspectives)
               FE504    Queer theory and the Bible

FE600    Gender theologies and Christian doctrines
               FE601    Nature of women in (traditional) Christian theology
               FE602    History of Christianity and gender relations
               FE603    Gender and God/Trinity
               FE604    Gender and Christology
               FE605    Gender and creation
               FE606    Gender and soteriology
               FE607    Gender and ecclesiology
                              FE6071    The role of women in the church
                              FE6072    Ordination of women
                              FE6073    Gender and ecumenism

FE700    Gender and Practical theology
               FE701    Preaching/Homiletics from a gender perspective
               FE702    Liturgy and gender
               FE703    Church and womens' rights (civil rights, gender equality, abortion,
                              reproductive rights)
               FE704    Church and violence against women (human trafficking, sexual harassment,
               FE705    Church and human sexuality
               FE706    Church work with LGBT communities
               FE707    Church work with sex workers

FE800    Gender studies/theologies and religions
               FE801    Judaism
               FE802    Islam
               FE803    Christianity
               FE804    Hinduism
               FE805    Buddhism
               FE806    Other Spiritualities
               FE807    Gender studies/theologies and the history of religion

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