A workgroup is an online 'community of practice' where registered participants engage in common work on subjects of interest to the network. Various objectives can be pursued such as: 

  • conducting research
  • reviewing literature
  • sharing views
  • discussing issues of interest
  • preparing a conference
  • holding online seminars

Workgroups can be a) open for everybody or b) open for specific target groups or c) restricted to a defined group of persons on invitation by the moderator.

Information on registering a workgroup

In principle, workgroups are initiated either by staff or by registered participants. We are keen on welcoming workgroups initiated by other individuals or organisations for their own purposes, on  condition that they do not contradict the general values of mutual respect and responsibility (see's Vision and Mission). In addition all workgroup participants including the moderator(s) must register on the website in order to have access to all tools.

Past workgroups have been working on issues such as gender and ethics, the methods of interreligious dialogue on ethics, alternative economic systems and ethics, ecotheology, climate justice and food security … etc.