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Cost-Effectiveness and Social Values in Health Care Priority Setting: Normative Reasons and Public Deliberation
Análise jurisprudencial do Superior Tribunal de Justiça sobre a responsabilização do erro do profissional médico
Archival offender records analysis: examining patient abuses in Tennessee
Model consent clauses for rare disease research
The effect of a state health care consent law on patient care in hospitals: A survey of physicians
The effects of the informed consent given for cesarean section on anxiety and knowledge
The concept of "Medical Ethics" according to doctors and nurses and their demands from Ethicists in Turkey
A comparison of contribution of informed consent forms with long or short texts with regard to obtaining knowledge by volunteers: A pilot study [Ti{dotless}bbi bilgi alma ba?lami{dotless}nda uzun ve k...
Global injustice in sport: The Caster Semenya ordeal – prejudice, discrimination and racial bias
Obrzezanie neonatalne u mężczyzn
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