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inter.culture.philosophy. is an online journal directed at a broad audience that is interested in a philosophical discourse without regard to cultural and disciplinary bounds.
inter.culture.philosophy. does not commit itself to one particular understanding of philosophy – all of the world's philosophies and philosophical approaches of all cultures are fit to make a contribution to the philosophical discourse in inter.culture.philosophy., as well as adjacent disciplines as anthropology, psychology, cognitive science, medicine, linguistics, ethnology, religious studies, social sciences, cultural studies, and law.
inter.culture.philosophy. does not consider philosophy as a wholly sovereign territory with marked-out boundaries, but rather as a mindset that is available to anyone.

inter.culture.philosophy. gives philosophers and scholars whose work touches upon philosophical issues a forum for a diversified discourse.



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  • Ethique mondiale
  • Ethique culturelle
    • Ethique des cultures
  • Méthodes de l'éthique
    • Ethiques philosophiques
  • Ethique communautaire

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  • Théologie générale/Autres