Journal of International Women's Studies
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Gender Inequality Identified as an Underlying Cause of Depression in Thai Women
Patriarchy, Cultural Prejudices and Spousal Violence in the Ancient City of Benin of Southern Nigeria
"We neither are of the past nor of the future" : Analyzing the Two Opposing Aspects of a Female Character Through Four Modern Works of Persian Fiction"
Japanese Gender Role Expectations and Attitudes: A Qualitative Analysis of Gender Inequality
Prosecuting Violence against Women in South African Courts: A Reflection of the Legal Culture from an Afrocentric Perspective
Scientific Consensus on Whether LGBTQ Parents Are More Likely (or Not) to Have LGBTQ Children: An Analysis of 72 Social Science Reviews of the Literature Published Between 2001 and 2017
Performance of Controlling Rape in India: Efficiency Estimates across States
The Indian Caribbean: Migration and Identity in the Diaspora. By Lomarsh Roopnarine 2018, The University Press of Mississippi, Jackson 163 pages; 11 photographs, Index included, 65 USD, Hardcover.
Iwona Kaliszewska and Maciej Falkowski. Veiled and Unveiled: In Chechnya and Daghestan. London: Oxford University Press, 2016. 179 pp., (hardbound)
Gender is a Human Rights Issue: The Case of Women’s Entrepreneurship Development in the Small and Medium Enterprise Sector of Bangladesh
1 2 3 . . . 119