Methodist and Wesleyan Studies
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The covenantal relationship between the Methodist Church of Southern Africa and her ministers : a Wesleyan theological critique
Everything belongs to God : Christian stewardship
Watching Over one another in Love: Methodist Superintendents and Oversight in the Church
Healing and transformation through the worship service: a ritual-liturgical exploration
Evangelization and Church Growth in the African Context
Evangelização e Crescimento Da Igreja No Contexto Africano
Methodist worship: with reference to historic practice, the Methodist worship book, and current patterns in the Newcastle Methodist district
Women's Status and Ordination as Elders or Bishops in the Early Church, Reformation, and Post-Reformation Eras
African ministers and the emergence of resistance to colonial domination : the development of indigenous clergy in the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Zimbabwe from 1891 to 1980.
An Apologetic to Sun Hwan Pyun's Dialogue Theology as a Liberation Theology of Religions
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