Global Ecumenical Mission Studies
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On the Maximum Energy Transmission Rate in Ultra-Reliable and Low Latency SIET
2019 06 09 Josh Bisnett Ephesians ' When Sin Is More Enjoyable Than God'
Missionary Activity of the Russian Orthodox Church in Siberia: Historical and Legal Aspect
Alternate Paper: “I Tried Poverty”: Exploring the Psychological Impact of Poverty and Prosperity in the Life of Oral Roberts.
Thomas Scott and Evangelical Missions
The Integration of Evangelism and Social Concern in the Ministry of Timothy Keller
2.4 -- Adoniram Judson & Counting the Cost
Northern Thai Theravada Folk Buddhism through the Eyes of Buddhist Background Believers
Study 9: “’Anointed by the Spirit of the Lord God’: An Ancient Biblical Concept and Ministry to the Poor”
Study 11: Todo lo Puedo: The Empowerment of Children Born into Poverty through ChildHope, A Case Study
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