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Designing MOOCs to Facilitate Participant Self-monitoring for Self-directed Learning
How College Students’ Achievement Goal Orientations Predict Their Expected Online Learning Outcome: The Mediation Roles of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies and Supportive Online Learning Behaviors
An Examination of Instructional Approaches in Online Technical Education in Community Colleges
Comparing and Contrasting the Perspectives of Online Students and Faculty
Educational Leadership Doctoral Students’ Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Instructional Strategies and Course Design in a Fully Online Graduate Statistics Course
Characterizing MOOC Pedagogies: Exploring Tools and Methods for Learning Designers and Researchers
A Cross-institutional Study of Instructional Characteristics and Student Outcomes: Are Quality Indicators of Online Courses Able to Predict Student Success?
A professional learning program for novice online teachers: Application of professional development guidelines using threshold concepts and online learning perceptions
Award-winning faculty online teaching practices: Elements of award-winning courses
The Impact of the Cooperative Mentorship Model on Faculty Preparedness to Develop Online Courses
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