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From Discussion Forums to eMeetings: Integrating High Touch Strategies to Increase Student Engagement, Academic Performance, and Retention in Large Online Courses
Purposeful Interpersonal Interaction: What is it and How is it Measured?
Facilitation Matters: Instructor Perception of Helpfulness of Facilitation Strategies in Online Courses
Introduction to Volume 24, Issue 1, March 2020
Student Preferences for Learning Resources on a Land-based Postgraduate Online Degree Programme
Social Media Learning Activities (SMLA): Implications for Design
Postgraduate Online Teaching in Healthcare: An Analysis of Student Perspectives
Shifting Teaching and Learning in Online Learning Spaces: An Investigation of a Faculty Online Teaching and Learning Initiative
Using Structured Pair Activities in a Distributed Online Breakout Room
Factors Influencing Programming Expertise in a Web-based E-learning Paradigm
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