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Founded in 1996, Reformation is a leading English-language journal for the publication of original research in scholarship of the Reformation era. It is sponsored by The Tyndale Society. Members of the Society receive the journal as part of their annual membership benefits. Please contact the Society to join or for other enquiries.

Reformation welcomes submissions on any aspect of the Reformation, broadly considered. The journal is interested in studies on topics including theology and biblical scholarship; church history or religious matters -- Protestant, Catholic or radical; English and Continental literature; social, political and intellectual history; early modern Catholic history; the History of the Book; Renaissance humanism; art history and architecture; and music. The journal is also interested in scholarship that identifies continuities and discontinuities with medieval religious and devotional traditions. All articles in Reformation undergo rigorous peer review, based on anonymised refereeing by two referees.

Past contributors include Thomas Betteridge, Patrick Collinson, Brian Cummings, David Daniell, Susan M. Felch, Thomas S. Freeman, Brad S. Gregory, Andrew Hadfield, Peter Happé, John N. King, Roger Kuin, Scott Lucas, Diarmaid MacCulloch, Willy Maley, Peter Marshall, David Norton, Helen L. Parish, Glyn Parry, Anne Lake Prescott, Richard Rex, Alec Ryrie, Cathy Shrank, J. B. Trapp, J. Christopher Warner, Lucy Wooding, and others. 

ISSN: 1357-4175 /E-ISSN:1752-0738


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