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Ulumuna Journal of Islamic Studies is published biannually by State Islamic Institute (IAIN) Mataram since 1997. It is concerned with publishing original research articles in the field of Islamic studies. It promotes multidisciplinary approaches to Islam and focuses on six main topics, (1) the Qur'an and hadith (2) Islamic Law (3) Theology (Kalam) (4) Philosophy (5) Mysticism (Tasawwuf)  and (6) Education.


ISSN: P-ISSN: 1411-3457; E-ISSN: 2355-7648


The library contains all the articles of Ulumuna from 9/1(2005) to Current, harvested from the journal's repository.


This journal is licenced under Creative Commons Copyrights 4.0.

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  • Ethique politique
    • Ethique du droit
  • Ethique religieuse
    • Ethique et spiritualité
  • Méthodes de l'éthique
    • Ethiques philosophiques
  • Ethique communautaire
    • Ethique et éducation

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  • Théologie générale/Autres