West African Journal of Applied Ecology
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Factors Influencing Farmers’ Awareness and Choice of Indigenous Practices in Adapting to Climate Change and Variability in Northern Ghana
Seasonality of Primary productivity of phytoplankton of Lake Bosomtwe, Ghana -West Africa
Assessment of Heavy Metals in Water and Sediments of Sakumo II, Chemu and Kpeshie Lagoons - Ghana
Assessment of the Ecological Health Status of River Pra Estuary (Ghana) and Adjoining Wetland using Physico-chemical Conditions and Macroinvertebrate Bioindicators
Differentiation of two Botryosphaeriaceae species isolated from declining mango trees in Ghana
Effect of Irrigation Management Methods on Growth, Grain Yield and Water Productivity of Three Lowland Rice (Oryza sativa L.) Varieties
An Assessment of the Potential for Mapping Fishing Zones off the Coast of Ghana using Ocean Forecast Data and Vessel Movement
Physico-chemical Assessment of Drinking Water with Special Emphasis on Fluoride Concentration in the Akatsi-North district in the Volta Region of Ghana
Effects of Climate and Land Cover Changes on Habitat for Herbivores at Mole National Park, Ghana
Carbon Footprint of the Large Scale Gold Mining Industry of Ghana
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