Global Series

Books on ethical issues with global relevance and contextual perspectives. Each volume includes contributions from at least two continents and with two editors, often one from the global South and one from the global North.

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More or Less Equal. How Digital Platforms Can Help Advance Communication Rights

More or Less Equal

Editors: Philip Lee / Dafne Sabanes Plou

ISBN: 978-2-88931-008-1
Series number: Global No. 9
Publication: 2014

Today's digital platforms offer the tantalizing possibility of learning and taking into account opinions from the margins that contradict the dominant voices in the public sphere. The concept of citizen journalism has radically altered traditional news and information flows, encouraging greater interaction and interdependence. What challenges does this development pose for societies worldwide? What ethical questions does it raise? This booklet explores these questions against a background of rapid technological change and with the aim of strengthening the communication rights of all people everywhere


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