2015 Global Competition: Responsible Leadership


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Theme2015 Global Competition: Deadline for sending applications is 30 April 2015

This year Globethics.net's Global Competition is "Responsible Leadership". Around the world, trust in leaders in politics, business, education, civil society, religious organisations, families, the media, etc. is undermined by the abuse of power, corruption, lack of accountability and reliability. On the other hand, many leaders are executing their power in a responsible way.


University students (bachelor, master, doctoral) and young professionals living or studying in one of the countries covered in the nine Globethics.net Regional Programmes are invited to submit their contributions (Globethics.net staff and family members of Globethics.net staff are not eligible to apply).


Submit your contribution in electronic form (paper, video, audio) by email by 30 April 2015 at the latest to the contact in your region as given below. Please note that the deadline for the Regional Programme Russia, the deadline is 30 March 2015.

Contributors are invited to submit either a scientific paper or a contribution in the form of a poem, song, video or other meaningful artistic expression.

Contributions have to deal with the topic from an ethical, values-based perspective and orientation. Contributions should be if possible specific and contextual.  Possible areas of study (as suggestions) are:

  • Characteristics, values and virtues of a responsible (and an irresponsible) leader;
  • How (e.g. as an electorate) to make leaders accountable and responsible;
  • Examples of responsible leaders and their ethical justification/evaluation;
  • Specific aspects of responsible leadership by sector (e.g. business, a specific institution, a profession, a reli-gious community etc.);
  • Specific aspects of responsible leadership: gender, age, culture, religion, philosophy, ideology;
  • Responsible leadership and philanthropy and their impacts on politics, economics and decisions in the global sphere; and
  • Leadership in managing resources (financial, natural, spiritual, intellectual etc.).

Contributions can be submitted in English or in the language of the Regional Programme (Indonesian in Indonesia, Chinese in China, French in Francophone Africa, Spanish in South America and Russian in Russia, Turkish in Turkey).

Form and Conditions for Scientific Papers / Poems submissions

  • Applicants must be registered as a participant at Globethics.net
  • Send by email a half-page CV about the author and attach the paper/poem in Word and pdf
  • Scientific papers should have a length of between 3,000 and 5,000 words maximum and poems should be no longer than 1,000 words.
  • A minimum of 3 articles from the Globethics.net online libraries should be quoted in the paper. Search from 1.5 million documents in Globethics.net Library.

Form and Conditions for Video/Audio submissions

  • Applicants must be registered at Globethics.net www.globethics.net
  • Send by email a half-page CV about the author and a link to an online storage space (like Dropbox or Google Drive) of the video or audio if it is more than 8 MB.
  • Video and audio contributions should have a length of between 3 and 15 minutes maximum.
  • Audio in MP3 format, video in MP4 format.

Selection and Awards

Regional Awards
Each Regional Programme has a scientific selection committee to evaluate and rate the contributions. The contributions will be divided into three categories:

  1. The best five from each region (3 papers, 2 video/audio)
    a. The best 3 papers from each region (27 in total) to be published in an international Globethics.net book and each winner in this category will receive USD 100 in cash.
    b. The best 2 video/audio from each region (18 in total) uploaded on the competition website and each winner in this category will receive USD 100 in cash.
  2. All runners up selected will have their contributions made available online on the competition website.
  3. Not selected

Global Awards
The Directors of the nine Regional Programmes with the Executive Director of Globethics.net form the selection committee for the global award. The best three contributions (one paper, one video, one audio) of the nine regions globally are invited to an international Globethics.net conference and receive USD 500 in cash.

Language Versions

The description of the Global Competition is available in the languages of the Globethics.net Regional Programmes:

Globethics.net China: Chinese [PDF - 260 Kb]
Globethics.net India: English [PDF - 201 Kb]
Globethics.net Indonesia: Bahasa Indonesia [PDF - 601 Kb]
Globethics.net East Africa: Swahili [PDF - 254 Kb]English [PDF - 201 Kb]
Globethics.net Southern Africa: English [PDF - 202 Kb]
Globethics.net Francophone Africa: French [PDF - 209 Kb]
Globethics.net Russia: Russian [PDF - 216 Kb], Annex 1 [PDF - 241 Kb]
Globethics.net Tukey: Turkish [PDF - 205 Kb]
Globethics.net South America: Spanish [PDF - 424 Kb], Annexo 1 [PDF - 67 Kb], Annexo 2 [PDF - 60 Kb]


Winners of the 2015 Global Competition were announced during the 2015 edition of the Global Ethics Forum. Read the related news.

1 st Prize: Shijja Kevin Kuhumba, Tansania: Responsible Leadership as an Ethical Tool in Managing Natural Resources in Tanzania
PDF - English - 18 pages - 130 Kb]



1. Prize: Yue Liyuan, China: On the Protection of Labor Rights in Corporate Social Responsibility in China.
[PDF - Chinese - 10 pages - 947 Kb]


2. Prize: Luis Alberto Meléndez Guerrero, Peru: Las multiples caras del control. Los dilemas del liderazgo político responsable en escenarios de violencia en los andes peruanos.
[PDF soon available]



2. Prize : Vikas N. Prabhu, India: The Responsibility towards Responsible Leadership.
[PDF soon available]



3. Prize: Semenov Eugeny Vadimovitch, Russia: Ethical Leadership in Politics
[PDF soon available]





3. Prize: Irene Ludji, Indonesia: Responsible Leadership: Lessons from Thomas Merton
[PDF soon available]