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"Responsible Outbound Investment Salon on Risk Management" was successfully held in Beijing

 "Synergized Innovation Shared Prosperity - Responsible Outbound Investment Salon on Risk Management" was held in Beijing on Saturday, 31 October, 2015, under the coordination of...   Read More »

Center for the Study of Religions and Business Ethics CSRBE opening

On Saturday, 31 October, 2015, a new Center for Study of Religion and Business Ethics was opened by the Renmin University of China. is one of the partner organisation of the new...   Read More »

Collegiate CSR Competition China

The workgroup focuses on applicants of Collegiate CSR Case Study Competition in China, organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE; or any individuals who may be interested...   Read More »

Report on TV Documentary: Integrity, China in Action

Based on the contemporary theoretical debate and carefully selected case studies, the TV documentary is a joint effort between Center of International Business Ethics at University of...   Read More »

China: Ethics Training in Geneva for Chinese Entrepreneurs

The "Environmental Protection Declaration" was signed by forty entrepreneurs from China (Beijing and Shenyang) as a result and commitment of their training on ethical entrepreneurship. It was...   Read More »
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Chinese Ethics Collections | 中文伦理 (BD)

This is an online collection of more than 1800 documents on ethics, written in or translated into Chinese, uploaded by in Hong Kong and Beijing, and collected by experts, including through the China regional programme at the Center for International Business Ethics in Beijing. Topics covered in the collection include bioethics, community ethics, cultural ethics, economic ethics, and environmental ethics, among other subjects. See more

Confucian Ethics Collections | 儒家伦理 (CF)

Confucianism is one of the great ethical and philosophical systems in the world, based on the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC). This includes works of Confucius, of Confucian classics like the disciple Mencius and mainly of contemporary articles on Confucian applied ethics such as family ethics, political ethics, business ethisc. The scientific director of the collection is Professor Zhou Shoujin from Peking University in Beijing/China. The collection is at the beginning  and will be enlarged in number of documents. See more