East Africa

The East Africa Programme started in March 2011. The host insitution is the Center for Social Justice and Ethics (CSJE) of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa in Nairobi. More about our East Africa team...


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On the 29th August East Africa programme held their 2nd interdisciplinary session at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. 
Topics included:
  • "Transforming society at the grassroots: The changing role of the school principals" by Prof. Justus Mbae
  • "Corruption in the Kenyan: Traffic Police and Leadership" by Gilbert Nyakundi
  • "Ethics and Values in a Pluralistic Society" by Crispin Isaboke
  • "Globalisation: An Ethical Challenge to Leadership in the 21st Century" by Sr. Dr. Elizabeth Nduku, Herbert Makinda & Merab Ochieng 
  • "The Role of Value Ethics in Forming a Responsible Human Person" by Dr. George Ndemo
  • "Managing Ethical Issues in Institutions of Higher Learning in Kenya" by Dr. Magdalene Dimba
The interdisciplinary sessions ended with Prof. Justus Mbae's remarks which were followed by a closing prayer. He noted that in moral terms Africa is still a dark continent. He however, challenged all present "to light the candle"  and be counted among the first to make the first step in implementing change in the community and in the world by becoming more ethical.