The Russia regional programme is hosted by the Institute for Economic Strategies in Moscow. The Institute is a scientific and consulting organisation with 300 employees functioning under the auspices of the Social Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Find out more...


Russian Interest in Ethics in Higher Education

In October 2018 Prof. Alexandre I. Ageev, the Director for Russia, and Christoph Stueckelberger, Founder and President, visited several public and private...   Read More »

Essays digest of the finalists of the global competition "Strategic Matrix-2017" is Published

In the period from September 22 to December 28, 2017, the Global Competition "Strategic Matrix - 2017" was held. The general thematic platform of the Contest - "Industry 4.0 and Society 5.0"....   Read More »

The problems of interethnic and intercultural communication

On 30 January 2018 the Institute for Economic Strategies, the basic partner of in Russia held a round table event on The Problems of Interethnic and Intercultural Communication...   Read More »

Round Table Event, Together for Centuries

The International Institute named after Piritim Sorokin and Nikolay Kondratiev, jointly with the Institute of Economic Strategies, basic partner of Fund in Russia , is...   Read More »

Integration on the Space of Greater Eurasia 2040. Youth Foresee the Future!

From 4-9 December 2017, the International Youth Forum on ‘The Future of European and Eurasian Integration: Foresight-2040' was held in Vienna / Laxenburg in Austria. It was initiated...   Read More »
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New! reports and scientific articles in libraries by Pr. Dr. Alexander I. Ageev, Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences; Director General - Institute for Economic Strategies, Russian Academy of Sciences; Director Regional Programme Russia

The female Renaissance is inevitable (speech) (2011) [PDF 36KB]

Alexander Ageev's Speech at Global Russia Business Meeting, Brdo, Slovenia  (2010) [PDF 16KB]

Mobility, Culture and Immunity (2008) [PDF 95KB]

Opportunities and Risks in Future of Russia (2007) [PDF 96KB]

Mediterranean and scenarios of international relations (2007) [PDF 648KB]



 Прикладная глобальная этика: Экономика. Инновации. Развитие. Мир (2017)








Практикум по ответственному лидерству (2015)
















"Интегрированная отчетность: вызов менеджменту"