The Russia regional programme is hosted by the Institute for Economic Strategies in Moscow. The Institute is a scientific and consulting organisation with 300 employees functioning under the auspices of the Social Sciences Division of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Find out more...

News presented at Russian-European Cooperation Conference

The Russia regional programme presented the work of at the Academic Council of Kazan (Volga region) Federal University in the framework of a series of...   Read More »

International Conference of Public Opinion Leaders, Moscow, 11-13 November 2015

In the framework of the business programme of the International Conference of Public Opinion Leaders, «Moscow – Minsk – Belgrade – Astana» held in Moscow from 11-13 November 2015, discussion...   Read More »
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New! reports and scientific articles in libraries by Pr. Dr. Alexander I. Ageev, Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences; Director General - Institute for Economic Strategies, Russian Academy of Sciences; Director Regional Programme Russia

The female Renaissance is inevitable (speech) (2011) [PDF 36KB]

Alexander Ageev's Speech at Global Russia Business Meeting, Brdo, Slovenia  (2010) [PDF 16KB]

Mobility, Culture and Immunity (2008) [PDF 95KB]

Opportunities and Risks in Future of Russia (2007) [PDF 96KB]

Mediterranean and scenarios of international relations (2007) [PDF 648KB]



 Прикладная глобальная этика: Экономика. Инновации. Развитие. Мир (2017)








Практикум по ответственному лидерству (2015)
















"Интегрированная отчетность: вызов менеджменту"