The host institution for Turkey is the Ethics and Reputation Society TEID, founded in May 2010 as a non-profit organisation that aims to develop and encourage  adherence  to universally recognised business ethics principles and to disseminate them in the Turkish business environment. More about our team in Turkey...


Marking International Anti-corruption Day 2016

How do we fight corruption here at We believe in the power of each individual to influence and change our environment.   Read More »

Ethics and Compliance Manager Certification in Turkey

Great opportunity to gain knowledge in Turkey - Ethics and Compliance Manager Certification from 5th November 2016.   Read More »

Sixth Annual International Ethics Summit on 13 June 2016

The 6th Annual International Ethics Summit will take place in Istanbul on 13 June 2016. You are all invited. The event will be held in İstanbul Bilgi University premises (Istanbul, Turkey) from...   Read More »

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) Integrity Week

Tayfun Zaman, the Director of the Ethics and Reputation Society TEID and of Turkey will be taking part in the OECD Integrity Week events in Paris, France, from 18-22 April 2016....   Read More »

Cross Cultural Business Ethics Survey 2016 in Turkey

Message from one of our participants  Ali Yağmur   The Gebze Technical University (GTU) has launched a  Cross Cultural Business Ethics Survey in Turkey, on Ethics...   Read More »
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