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Globethics.net adalah sebuah jaringan global yang terdiri dari perseorangan and institusi-institusi yang tertarik pada berbagai bidang di etika terapan. Globethics.net menawarkan akses ke sejumlah besar sumber mengenai etika, khususnya melalui perpustakaan etika digital global yang dimilki dan memfasilitasi web-based riset kolaboratif , konferensi, penerbitan online dan berbagi informasi.



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Globethics.net International Conference

Globethics.net Intenational Conference. Managing and Teaching Ethics in Higher Education: Policies, Skills and Resources

The aim of the conference is to embed ethics more deeply into higher education institutions and provide resources for ethics education for teachers and stakeholders in order to build strong institutions and responsible leaders and citizens.


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Our news

Economic Justice and Welfare for All. Seeking Prosperity and Freedom

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Globethics.net Newsletter on Ethics in Higher Education No 6/2018

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Globethics.net Newsletter No 5/2018

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Open Education. International Perspectives in Higher Education

Open Education provides a great mix of research and authentic application of "open" in éducation which is global in perspective. The contributions provide insightful evidence that open...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

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