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Library Tip: Search theses in Library

Follow the steps and discover to search theses in Library. As an example we will search for socialists education theses and we will save them on my Zotero library

1. We go directly to Library Search and click on the tab Theses: Library Search and click on the tab Theses:

2. We look for doctoral theses on the topic of socialism in the education sector
3. We search in all fields under the tab Theses: (socialism* socialist*) AND educat*
We find over 400 theses.
4. We would want to restrict the search query to education at the university. We can restrict the query by adding: (socialism* socialist*) AND educat* AND university
5. We have about 113 results 
6. Now it is easier to save to my Zotero Library
7. I create in Zotero a folder ‘socialist education' where my search results can be moved in order to constitute my personal collection/bibliography