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Respect is one of values, so we ask the participants to engage in the forums all ways respecting the other participants. For this reason if you would like to contribute to any forum please contact us at
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1 - Documents
Upload and comment

Subkategori: Articles, Nairobi 2009: Care and Compassion. Sharing Values.., Responsible Leadership
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2 - General Forum
Share all ethical issues
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3 - Youth Forum
Discuss and act

Subkategori: About this Forum
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4 - Business Ethics Forum
Re-orient in times of crisis
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5 - Fun Forum
Enjoy humour on ethics
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6 - FAQ Forum - Frequently Asked Questions
Your questions and comments on Ihre Fragen und Kommentare zu Vos questions et remarques sur
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7 - Global Survey
A global survey on Economic and Business Ethics

Subkategori: Individual Survey, Institutional Survey
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8 - New Publications of Participants
Advertize your new publications through this category of the Forum. They will be visible to your peers. You can upload a table of content and an abstract. You can also indicate a link to an online bookstore where your book is available for purchase. If you have the whole book as an electronic file and if you are the holder of the copyright, please also submit the book to the library!
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9 Cours_ethiques/ethics courses Ruanda_RDCongo
Lectures of Prof. Dr. Christoph Stueckelberger, Executive Director/Founder, at universities in Butare/Ruanda and Bukavu/RDC 26-31 May 2014

Subkategori: Bukavu/RDC: cours en français, Butare/Rwanda: presentations in English
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ACAP - African Church Assets Programme
Subkategori: 1 - ACAP I Workshop Nairobi Feb 2016, 2 - ACAP II Workshop Nairobi March 2017, 3 - ACAP II Séminaire Kivu/RDC December 2017, 4 - ACAP II Workshop Rwanda Dec 2017, 5 - ACAP II Workshop Harare/Zimbabwe 4-7 Feb 2018, Lainnya »
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11 Cours en éthiques économiques et éthiques politiques à trois Universités en République Démocratique du Congo RDC par Prof. Christoph Stückelberger, novembre 2010.
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CSR Competition China CIBE
"Corporate Social Responsibility in China" is the topic of the annual paper competiition for students in China. The papers of the competition winners 2010-2012 are published here. The call for papers 2013 can be found under news. The competition is organized by the Centre for International Business Ethics CIBE in Beijing/China, the partner of China.

Subkategori: 大学生企业社会责任案例/征文大赛论坛简介
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Global competition «Strategic Matrix» Russia
«Strategic matrix» is the name of annual competition for students and young specialists in Russia. Essay contest is a part of the competition. The papers of the of the competition winners are published here. The competition is organized by the Russia regional program and Institute for Economic Strategies Moscow/Russia
0 1 2 RSS (Opens New Window) Declaration Global Ethics in Politics
Challenges considering that the current challenges of a globalized, closely interdependent and polycentric world, and their bearing upon future generations; what would be the most pressing challenges?

Subkategori: Cardinal ethical values in politics, Fair political process, Principles on using power
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RD Congo Formations éthique et élections (programme FIER)
Formation CIME pour les élections en RD Congo.

Subkategori: 2014 Formation CIME 18-19 Nov, 2015 Formation CIME 23-25 Fév, 2015 Formation ECC Femme Protestante 25-30 août, 2017 Formations ECC Synode 10-15 août, 2018 Formation EFEAC, 8-15 Jan, Lainnya »
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Documents and forum contributions on Rio+20 and the future of a sustainable world.

Subkategori: CUR - Charter of Universal Responsibilities
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