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*Palestine Upgrade: Does it matter?

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*Palestine Upgrade: Does it matter?
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02/12/12 14:50
Just last Thursday, the UN General Assembly voted for the symbolic upgrade in Palestine's status in the United Nations from a non-member observer entity to a non-member observer state. With this move, the UN recognizes Palestine not as a fully independent state but it has acknowledge some state features Palestine has. Not surprisingly, US and Israel voted against the said proposal. But does this symbolic upgrade matter in achieving peace in the divided land of Israel and Palestine? Will this move contribute to the heat of dispute between the Israeli government and the Palestinian Authority or will it encourage Israel to continue the stalled peace talks to finally settle the conflict?

I do not intend to be pessimistic about the upgrade and to question the recognition of UN as to the state elements of Palestine, I just want to open more doors to be certain if this event has any direct and great impact to the Israel-Palestine conflict which is going for years and generations. We all want Peace, but we don't want to waste our time with false hopes.

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