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基于“微型贷款”新慈善模式的企业社会责任探讨/Analysis on Corporate Social Responsibility Based on

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关键词: 微型贷款;新慈善;企业社会责任

The Paper “Analysis on Corporate Social Responsibility Based on Micro-Credit, a New Model of Charity”, written by Liu Jing, Huang Hongyin from Tongji University, is the Third Prize of 2011 Collegiate Corporate Social Responsibility Essay Competition, which is organized by the Center for International Business Ethics at UIBE, Beijing. The whole paper can be found in the attachment.

Analysis on Corporate Social Responsibility Based on Micro-Credit, a New Model of Charity

Abstract: Micro-credit is a way to help the people with low income through financial services of small loans, so that they can realize self-employment and increase their income and support their family. With the adoption of inclusive financial system and expansion of scope of recipients, micro-credit becomes an organic part to boost social charity and alleviate poverty. This new model of charity is characterized by compensable financial aid and fair trade, which are different from traditional charitable activities. From the perspective of corporate social responsibility and based on two typical cases of micro-credit, this thesis studies the best way to implement this new model of charity of micro-credit. It mainly focuses on how corporations balance its sustainable development and fulfillment of its social responsibility. In addition, this thesis makes a conclusion of all advantages of this new model of charity, and provides an inspiration of poverty alleviation through micro-credit so that people can get profits by themselves.

Keywords: micro-credit; new model of charity; corporate social responsibility
Lampiran: Analysis on CSR Based on Micro.pdf (245,3k)