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4th Journey of Ethics in Business

Following the Global Ethics Day movement started by the Carnegie Council back in 2014, the São Pablo Council of Administrators (CRASP) and the Group of Excellence in Ethics and Sustainability is...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Fifteen years living ethics-same passion,new logo

This year is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary. Throughout these years, the world has evolved and changed. has changed too. The origins – 2004 The...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Blue Ethics: Ethical Perspectives on Sustainable, Fair Water Resources Use and Management

Editors: Benoît Girardin / Evelyne Fiechter-Widemann ISBN: 978-2-88931-308-2 Series number: Praxis No....   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Newsletter No 7/2019 - Ethics in Higher Education - Strategy for Success

Find everything on events, courses, conference coming up and read all about our past events. Check our latest collections, publications and the book of the month   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Water Ethics book globally launched for water experts in Italy ...

  The new book 'Water Ethics: Principles and Guidelines'  published by was presented at the World Water Quality Alliance meeting, held at the European Union...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Ethics Education in Smart Cities

'City-Changing Innovations' was the slogan of the 'Kiev Smart City Forum 2019' held on 1 October 2019 in Kiev. During the conference, President, Christoph Stückelberger,...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Developing a Code of Ethics in Amman was invited by  The House of Ethics , a Jordan institution, to organised a workshop to develop a Code of Ethics at their office in Aman.   ...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Jordan opens to

6 September 2019 – has signed a memorandum of understanding with American University of Madaba to introduce ethics into higher education.    Dr Obiora...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Ethics Education the Strategy to Success

An important workshop took place in Geneva, Switzerland on 28-30 August 2019, with representatives from the Regional Programmes, National Contacts and Consortium Members...   Membaca Selengkapnya »

Resolving Ethical Dilemmas: 50 Cases from Africa for Teaching and Training

This is an honest, tough and practical book in which real people recount their real predicaments concerning poverty, sex, bribes, school fees, forced marriage, healers and traditional rites. Ethics...   Membaca Selengkapnya »
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