Partners has signed cooperation agreements with various partner organizations. Our partnership agreements ensure mutually beneficial cooperation with our partners. There are eight types of partners:

  • Partner Websites: provides the possibility of dedicated Websites for our partner organizations.
  • Regional Coordination partners: A main regional coordination partner in each focus country is crucial. They do coordinating and animating work for They need to have a specialisation in ethics, networking capacities and an institutional affiliation and be as independent as possible.
  • Scientific partners: Regional and international ethics networks, ethics centres, cooperate in research projects or events/conferences.
  • Library Partners: Institutional and commercial content providers, libraries, library networks, participants with submissions.
  • Networking partners: Global or regional networks with an interest in ethical issues, but they don't need an ethics specialisation.
  • Funding partners: Contributing financially to, non earmarked or earmarked for specific projects
  • Service Partners: IT, technical and infrastructure services, normally paid by
  • Project Partners: Funding or implementing partners of projects
  • Media partners: News providers for or partners in promoting and marketing