Research, services and training Research on Business Ethics

Our research projects are building trust and create synergies for collaboration
among business professionals, academics and ethics experts and practitioners from different parts of the world. They promote open dialogue and exchange of knowledge between diverse stakeholders with different ethical and cultural background.

Business Ethics Research Projects

The International Secretariat coordinates a number of business ethics research projects. The research projects currently are focusing on two themes: Business Ethics  and  Responsible Leadership. Workgroups for International Research on Business Ethics

On the website you can find online workgroups enabling participants to establish an online 'community of practice' to work on joint projects with partners from different continents. Workgroups can be used to conduct research, prepare publications and conferences. Thirteen self-initiated GEF workgroups, established at the the Global Ethics Forum 2011 and 2012, are currently working on specific business ethics issues and projects identified by the GEF participants. Services 

The manages and supports selected projects on applied ethics and ethical values which are demand driven – based on requests and funding from partners and participants.

Consulting and Certification

The develops, supports and monitors the implementation of professional codes of ethics, labels, and certificates as ethical benchmarks in innovative areas linked to the activities and where has capacity and in various sectors e.g. finance, mining, media, small and medium size enterprises, agriculture, etc. The latest project is Ethical Certification of Chinese Small and Medium Enterprises (site under development).


Business Ethics Trainings

The supports the development or develops trainings and training tools, webinars and other on-line teaching and curricula materials on various topics and aspects of business ethics, for example:
•    Ethical Values and Leadership
•    Business Ethics, Leadership and Corporate Governance
•    Environmental and Social Impacts and Risks for Small and Medium Enterprises
•    Sustainable (Ethical) Business Development Opportunities
•    Sustainability Reporting and Strategy for Business Success
•    GRI Reporting for SMEs

Previous Projects

Participants of International Conference on Global and Contextual Business Ethics

The Regional Coordinators of the global survey are: