Water Ethics: Principles and Guidelines

Water nature river

Given the critical importance of  water as a limited resource to be shared fairly today and in the future, intends to issue a set of Principles and Guidelines that reflect the ethical challenges of water sourcing, supply, sharing and recycling.

The draft of the Water Ethics: Principles and Guidelines is the work of a Geneva working group initiated and lead by Prof B. Girardin following a process of reflection over the last few years stressing an holistic, multicultural as well as an ethical approach to the issues and challenges.

The document is structured in clearly defined chapters and numbered statements, analysing the problems and addressing the issues as well the legal, governance related and ethical challenges.  

The Board of Foundation have asked that the draft be circulated to partner NGOs and academic institutions as a discussion paper to enrich it further. We invite you therefore to study the draft Water Ethics: Principles and Guidelines and send your comments and proposals, with a focus on its qualities and shortcomings and to suggest any reformulations and/or additions.

There is also the opportunity for partners to adopt the Principles and Guidelines. Do please tell us if your organisation would be interested in adding their name to the final document among other organisations who also decide to adopt them.

The deadline for submissions is 30 June 2019 at the latest. This would allow time for a consolidated paper to be finalised in the summer, and issued in September as a document.