African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development
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Iodine status and sources of dietary iodine intake in Kenyan women and children
Exploring consumer knowledge, understanding and use of food and nutrition label information in the tamale metropolis of Ghana
Effets du remplacement de la farine de poisson par les termites (Macrotermes Sp.) sur l’evolution ponderale et les caracteristiques de carcasse de la volaille locale au Burkina Faso
Short Communication: Development of a food composition table to analyze Senegalese food expenditure data
Hazard analysis and critical control point plan for hazards in Ugandan amaranth vegetable value chain
Production and utilization of jackfruit (Artocarpus heterophyllus) in Uganda
‘The food we eat here weakens us’: food practices and health beliefs among Congolese forced migrants in South Africa – a case study of Yeoville in Johannesburg
Sanitation facilities and practices for street-vended meats at two major highway markets in Uganda
Guinea fowl (Numida meliagris) value chain: preferences and constraints of consumers
A consensus on malnutrition in Africa: a report from the micronutrient deficiency awareness forum (Nairobi 2017)
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