African Safety Promotion : A Journal of Injury and Violence Prevention
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“I’ll show you how a real woman should act”: One woman’s experience of homophobic violence and intimidation in post-apartheid South Africa
An interactive computer program for South African urban primary school children to learn about traffic signs and rules
“I’m here for abusing my wife”: South African men constructing intersectional subjectivities through narratives of their violence
Reflections on the development and utility of a participatory community violence surveillance methodology
Relationship between symbolic violence and overt violence in hate incidents in South Africa
Parents’ knowledge of car safety and practices amongst school children in an urban community of Lagos, Nigeria
The geographies of heteronormativity: The source of symbolic homophobic violence at a South African university
Symbolic violence: Enactments, articulations and resistances in research and beyond
Symbolic violence and the invisibility of disability
Exploring the heuristic value of nonpersonal data for sexual- and genderbased violence research and prevention in South Africa
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