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The Measurement of Social Value Impact of Ziswaf Using Social Return on Investment Model at Smart Ekselensia Indonesia
Syu’aib Controller: Innovative Digital Device for Supervision of Fraud of Dose (Mikyāl) and Weight (Mīzān)
Understanding Shariah Compliance According To Indonesian Muslim Entrepreneurs And Business people
Alms Giving Behavior of Muslim Communities in Indonesia and Malaysia: A Comparative Study
Efficiency And Stability Of Islamic Banking In ASEAN
Strategies for Strengthening Halal Industries towards Integrated Islamic Economic System: Analytical Network Process Approach
Revitalization of Fintech Era 4.0 in the Development of Islamic Microfinance Institutions (IMFs)
Islamic Corporate Governance And Sharia Compliance On Financial Performance Sharia Banks In Indonesia
Consumer Behaviour of Halal Products: The Case of Suzuya Superstore Medan
Do Social Role-Based Strategies Matter For Gen-Y Customers? The Case Of Indonesian Islamic Banks
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