BMC Medical Ethics
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Moral competence, moral teamwork and moral action - the European Moral Case Deliberation Outcomes (Euro-MCD) Instrument 2.0 and its revision process
The law and problematic marketing by private umbilical cord blood banks
Evaluating assessment tools of the quality of clinical ethics consultations: a systematic scoping review from 1992 to 2019
Evaluation of decision-making capacity in patients with dementia: challenges and recommendations from a secondary analysis of qualitative interviews
Family discussions and demographic factors influence adolescent’s knowledge and attitude towards organ donation after brain death: a questionnaire study
The patient and clinician experience of informed consent for surgery: a systematic review of the qualitative evidence
Making researchers responsible: attributions of responsibility and ambiguous notions of culture in research codes of conduct
The polysemy of psychotropic drugs: continuity and overlap between neuroenhancement, treatment, prevention, pain relief, and pleasure-seeking in a clinical setting
Bin it or pin it? Which professional ethical guidance on managing COVID-19 should I follow?
A qualitative study exploring stakeholder perspectives on the use of biological samples for future unspecified research in Malawi
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