BMC Medical Ethics
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When the law makes doors slightly open: ethical dilemmas among abortion service providers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Ghent University Hospital’s protocol regarding the procedure concerning euthanasia and psychological suffering
Umbrella and basket trials in oncology: ethical challenges
Parental decision-making following a prenatal diagnosis that is lethal, life-limiting, or has long term implications for the future child and family: a meta-synthesis of qualitative literature
What Egyptians think. Knowledge, attitude, and opinions of Egyptian patients towards biobanking issues
Regulatory and policy tools to address unproven stem cell interventions in Canada: the need for action
Model consent clauses for rare disease research
Informed consent and community engagement in open field research: lessons for gene drive science
Global health ethics: critical reflections on the contours of an emerging field, 1977–2015
Experiences from a community advisory Board in the Implementation of early access to ART for all in Eswatini: a qualitative study
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