BMC Medical Ethics
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Model consent clauses for rare disease research
Informed consent and community engagement in open field research: lessons for gene drive science
Global health ethics: critical reflections on the contours of an emerging field, 1977–2015
Experiences from a community advisory Board in the Implementation of early access to ART for all in Eswatini: a qualitative study
Do we understand the intervention? What complex intervention research can teach us for the evaluation of clinical ethics support services (CESS)
Implementing ethics reflection groups in hospitals: an action research study evaluating barriers and promotors
Do codes of ethics and position statements help guide ethical decision making in Australian immigration detention centres?
The challenge of community engagement and informed consent in rural Zambia: an example from a pilot study
A reflection on ethical and methodological challenges of using separate interviews with adolescent-older carer dyads in rural South Africa
Bioethical reflexivity and requirements of valid consent: conceptual tools
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