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Confucian Ethics

Confucianism is one of the great ethical and philosophical systems in the world, based on the teachings of the Chinese philosopher Confucius (551-479 BC). This Confucian Ethics collection includes works of Confucius, Confucian classics like the disciple Mencius, and mainly contemporary articles on Confucian applied ethics such as education ethics, political ethics, business ethics. This collection includes over 3'000 items, it is also available in Chinese;

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 CF Confucian Ethics Collection

CF1 Sources
CF2 Reference works
CF3 Themes
CF4 Institutional Documents
CF5 Other


Classification tree

All articles in the collection

CF1 Sources
       CF 11 Classics of Confucian ethics
               CF 111 Confucius' Analects
               CF 112 Mencius
               CF 113 The Principle of Mean
               CF 114 The Great Learning
               CF 115 Five Classics
       CF 12 Other

CF2 Reference works
       CF 21 Book reviews
       CF 22 Dictionaries
       CF 23 Bibliographies
       CF 24 Handbooks
       CF 25 History and Biographies
       CF 26 Doctoral thesis and Dissertations

CF3 Themes  
       CF 31 Generalities
               CF 311 General
               CF 312 Ethical theories
               CF 313 Ethical principles
               CF 314 Schools of thought
               CF 315 Confucian ethics in Contemporary Contexts
               CF 316 Transmission and Influence of Confucian Ethics
               CF 317 Other
       CF 32 Political ethics
               CF321 General
               CF322 Right and good
               CF323 Obligation and duty
               CF 324 Other, liberalism, communism, democracy, etc. 
      CF 33 Economic Ethics
               CF331 General
               CF332 Business Ethics
               CF333 Professional Ethics
               CF334 Other
      CF 34 Environment Ethics
               CF341 General
               CF342 Resource Ethics
               CF343 Ecological Ethics
               CF344 Other, sustainable economy and development
      CF 35 Social ethics
               CF351 General
               CF352 Law and order
               CF353 Human relation
               CF354 Other
       CF 36 Family ethics
               CF361 General
               CF362 Family
               CF363 Kinship and responsibility
               CF364 Other
       CF 37 Educational ethics
               CF371 General
               CF372 Learning
               CF373 Education
               CF 374 Other
       CF 38 Cultural ethics
               CF381 General
               CF382 Ethics and arts
               CF383 Other
       CF 39 Other

CF4 Institutional documents
       CF 41 Confucian organizations
CF5 Other

New Articles

陽明學在清代的傳播與發展 : 以江西、浙江為例 = Spread and development of Yangming School in Jiangxi and Zhejiang Provinces during the Qing dynasty
Should Parents Design Their Children’s Genome: Some General Arguments and a Confucian Solution
Theology of Religions and Intertextuality: A Case Study of Christian–Confucian and Islamic–Confucian Dialogue in the Early 20th-Century China
The Catholic Yijing: Lü Liben’s Passion Narratives in the Context of the Qing Prohibition of Christianity
The Catholic <i>Yijing</i>: Lü Liben’s Passion Narratives in the Context of the Qing Prohibition of Christianity