Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education
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Designing to Provoke Disorienting Dilemmas: Transforming Preservice Teachers’ Understanding of Function Using a Vending Machine Applet
Border Crossing: Educator and Startup Involvement in the Educational Technology Innovation Ecosystem
Professional Learning Practices and Beliefs of an Online Community of English Language Teachers
Examining Social Studies Educators to Facilitate Preservice Teacher Development of Technology Integration
Mentoring the Mentors: Hybridizing Professional Development to Support Cooperating Teachers’ Mentoring Practice in Science
Creating an Interactive Virtual Community of Linguistically and Culturally Responsive Content Teacher-Learners to Serve English Learners
No One Fits in a Box: Preservice Teachers’ Evolving Perceptions of Self and Others
Editorial: Technology to Support Connected and Powerful Teaching and Learning
Learners Without Borders: Connected Learning in a Digital Third Space
Teachers and Technology: Present Practice and Future Directions
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