Ethics in Higher Education
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The Terms of “Becoming Empowered”:How Ascriptions and Negotiations of Employee Identities Shape the Outcomes of Workplace Voice Activities
Metaskills : [Learning Materials - FUTUREquipped Project]
Health and Care Sector : [Learning Materials - FUTUREquipped Project]
Construction Sector : [Learning Materials - FUTUREquipped Project]
ICT Sector : [Learning Materials - FUTUREquipped Project]
A College–Innovation Centre Pilot Programme : End of Programme Report. March 2019
Evaluating the Relationships Between Science Class Success and Math Placement in High School
Identifying Factors That Influence the Continuing Education Choices of Municipal Police Officers
Supplementary File 1 - Learners’ experience and perceived impact of a health literacy program in adult basic education: a qualitative study
Development of a Learning Module for Nurses: Pre-Discharge Assessment of Psychological Distress in Hospitalized Patients with Cardiovascular Disease
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