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GlobeTheoLib Newsletter November 2017

Download this edition of the newsletter in PDF format

1-New Consortium member
2-New Library content and features
3-News from the Head Office
4-GlobeTheoLib Consortium meeting, April 13-14 2018
5-Forthcoming events
6-New books from



Welcome to the 2017 edition of the GlobeTheoLib Newsletter with news about the Consortium, the Library content and development, new staff and publications from I hope that you enjoy the Newsletter.
Andreas Waldvogel, Programme Executive Online Library

1-New Consortium member

The South Pacific Association of Theological Schools (SPATS) comprising of 26 member institutions and based in Suva, Fiji Islands, joined the GlobeTheoLib (Global Digital Library on Theology and Ecumenism) consortium as of July 2017. The agreement has been signed by the General Secretary, Revd Rusiate Tuidrakulu and endorsed at the last meeting of the Project Leadership. SPATS is the first institution representing the Pacific region in the international governing body of GlobeTheoLib. We're delighted to extend a warm welcome from the GlobeTheoLib family! Website SPATS:


2-New Library content and features

2a-New collections

You can find all these sources listed on a flyer which can be downloaded here and distributed among your personal and professional networks:

2b-New GTL home page and features

We've also refreshed and updated the GlobeTheoLib home page ( It is now easier to search and navigate the website with updated information. For example, a new search guide ( and instruction on "How to submit (publish) my document" on Library (
You are now able to search with an "exact phrase" and export your citations (search results) in the Zotero Library (see 
If you wish to provide a direct access to GlobeTheoLib for your users, you may embed a Google-like search box in your website, available here: (at the bottom of the page).
The GlobeTheoLib Library has now more than 2.2 million documents, with about 1.9 million from open sources.


3-News from the Head Office


Ms Anja Andriamasy, currently a student in Applied and Professional Ethics at the University of Leeds and Library Assistant at since January 2016 is now working 80%. Approximately a third of her working time is devoted to GlobeTheoLib, mainly doing of cataloguing and indexing.
Earlier this year, a new staff person, Mr Kevin Gerard Hamid, a Computer Science specialist, joined in the role of Programme Executive Online Systems. He will help us to implement a new web portal for, as well as a new library system in the course of 2018.

3b-Visit delegation of Serampore College, India (31 August 2017)

A high-level delegation from the Senate of Serampore College (University), one of the oldest educational institutes in India, came to visit offices on 31 August 2017, after a three-week round of visits to their European partners, including those in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Switzerland, the Master of the Senate of Serampore, Rt Rev. Dr John Sadananda, the Registrar Rev. Dr Santanu Patro and the Principal and Secretary, Dr Vansanglura.
The Senate of Serampore College, based near Kolkata, India, has been a member of the GlobeTheoLib Consortium since its foundation in 2011. hopes to build further relations with its partner and create more synergies that utilise the wealth of resources that the two institutions have for the benefit of students in India and around the world. The delegation shared also their plans to celebrate the bicentenary of the founding of the College in 1818 starting in November 2017 and running through until the end of 2018, inviting to participate in an international conference in August 2018 to commonly celebrate this jubilee.
For information about Serampore College you can visit the website ( or

4-GlobeTheoLib Consortium meeting, April 13-14 2018

We are delighted to announce, that on this occasion we will have with us a renowned and outstanding Professor and expert in ecumenical theology, who will deliver a public lecture on "Theological education in the context of global Christianity: current (and future) trends and challenges", overarching theme of the gathering.
Our speaker is Prof. Dr theol. habil. Rudolf von Sinner, Professor for Systematic Theology, Ecumenism and Inter-religious Dialogue, former fellow of Escola Superior de Teologia, São Leopoldo/Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil, currently  serving as Professor Extraordinary, Stellenbosch University, South Africa and Pró-Reitor de Pós-Graduação e Pesquisa at the Instituto de Ética, FACULDADES EST in São Leopoldo, Brazil, and WCC Ecumenical Education and Formation Commission's Moderator.
We will also hear testimonies and share insights from the major ecumenical gatherings taking place just prior to the Consortium meeting, GETI 2018 and the World Mission Conference in Arusha, Tanzania, apart from the business agenda.

5-Forthcoming events

5a-GETI 2018 (Arusha, Tanzania, 5-13 March 2018)

GETI 2018 (GETI stands for Global Ecumencial Theological Institute) is the second ecumenical formation programme the World Council of Churches offers alongside one of its major ecumenical events, after the initial GETI at the tenth Assembly 2013 in Busan, South Korea. The participation of young theologians from a variety of countries and church traditions sparked a fresh attention for new forms of experiential theological formation and engagement with the ecumenical movement. GETI 2018 seeks to perpetuate this positive experience, transmit the vibrancy and encourage young people to become ecumenically committed and conversant ambassadors in their local and regional contexts, as well as on the global level. GETI 2018 is directly engaging with the World Mission Conference's theme "Moving in the Spirit: Called to Transforming Discipleship". The student participants will explore together on how the Gospel is translated into their different cultures and contexts, and on ways in which they feel called and moved by the Spirit to transform the world. See

5b-World Mission Conference (Arusha, Tanzania, 8-13 March 2018)

The Conference on World Mission and Evangelism is the long tradition of the International Missionary Council and the World Council of Churches' (WCC) Commission on World Mission and Evangelism (CWME), organized every decade.
Theme of the conference is "Moving in the Spirit: Called to Transforming Discipleship". Moving in the Spirit brings the notion of pilgrimage, of an on-going journey of all believers, led and guided by the Holy Spirit. This is a pilgrimage that is characterised by constant hope for a transformed world of justice and peace and a commitment to renewal in Christ. This theme offers a prophetic message amidst the complexities of today's world. See

5c-Missionary Training Institute (Baguio City, Philippines, April 2-23, 2018) 

Organized by Asia Pacific Theological Seminary (APTS). Inquiries: Please email or call (074) 442-2779, local 212.
N.B.: If you have any news from your networks to share via the GlobeTheoLib (annual) Newsletter and/or home page, please let us know by emailing us .We'll be happy to publish it! 

6-New books from is also a publisher, and among recent publications are the following titles relevant to those interested in theology, religious studies or religious ethics. All titles may be downloaded in PDF format free of charge or print copies can be ordered from the publications page:

Focus Series

Each volume in this series focuses on a current ethical issue with global relevance and usually has a single author.
Religion, Public Policy and Social Transformation in Southeast Asia: Religion, Identity and Gender, Vol. 2 (2017). Editor: Dicky Sofjan. ISBN 978-2-88931-201-6. Focus No. 44. Available onlilne:
This book focuses on the ethics, governance and performance of the decentralized territorial entities in Bukavu, eastern Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). For nearly forty years, the different political regimes have tried to improve the living conditions of their populations through the implementation of decentralization, which allows the leaders of their leaders to be approached in the hope of triggering a large-scale local development process. The author argues that this theme is highly strategic for a "post-conflict" country, which aspires to consolidate political ethics, democracy and good governance.
Reichtum der Welt - für Alle (2017). Florian Josef Hoffmann. ISBN 978-2-88931-188-0. Focus No. 42. Available online:
Der Titel des Buches verspricht "Reichtum für Alle". Natürlich kann das nicht Superluxus für alle sein. Nein, das wäre unendliche Verschwendung, die in niemandes Interesse sein kann. Gemeint ist etwas Realistisches, nämlich eine halbwegs gerechte Teilhabe aller Menschen am unendlichen und unbeschreiblichen Reichtum dieser unserer gottgegebenen Welt. Alle, wirklich alle, können als Menschen in die Lage versetzt werden, ein selbstbestimmtes, menschenwürdiges Leben zu führen, können "durch Wohlstand zur Freiheit" gelangen. Die Grundvorstellung ist simpel: je mehr Menschen es gibt, umso mehr sind in der Lage, sich sinnvoll in ein sinnvolles Ganzes einzubringen. Sonnenenergie, Technologie und motivierte menschliche Arbeitskraft stehen in gigantischem Ausmaß zur Verfügung.
Le pacifisme chrétien: Étude de l'Épître aux Romains (2017). Kahwa Njojo. ISBN 978-2-88931-162-0. Focus No. 40. Disponible en ligne:
La recrudescence et l'omniprésence de cas de violence dans le monde invite à une réflexion théologique au sujet du problème de la construction de la paix dans un monde violent. Une réponse biblique s'avère indispensable. Le pacifisme caractérisé par la non-violence est un moyen efficace pour aboutir à la paix. Il est cohérent avec le message de l'Évangile et pertinent en ce qui a trait à la contribution que l'Église peut apporter dans son rôle de communauté appelée à construire la paix dans le monde. Ce livre développe la notion du pacifisme à partir de la lecture du passage de Romains 12,12-21.
Interfaith Dialogues in Indonesia and Beyond (2017). Leonard Chrysostomos Epafras (ed.). ISBN 978-2-88931-183-5. Focus No. 39. Available online:
Religious Studies in Indonesia as a fully-fledged discipline has a long precedence, at least since 1970s, but only found its momentum after the reformation of 1998. The establishment of CRCS (Centre for Religion and Cross-cultural Studies) in 2000, and the Indonesian Consortium for Religious Studies (ICRS) in 2006 marked a significant shift of the discipline. The two institutions provided Master and Doctoral program and researches on Religious Studies. In commemoration to the tenth anniversary of ICRS in 2016, eight alumni contributed part of their research project in the present volume, in order to provide a glimpse of the shift and issues addressed in the discipline at the present day Indonesia. One contribution from the Philippines emphasised further the dynamic of the studies in the region.

Thesis series

Publication of doctoral thesis on ethics from the South.
Struggles for Women-Inclusive Leadership in Toraja Church in Indonesia and the Evangelical Church of Vietnam (2017). Le Ngoc Bich Ly. ISBN 978-2-88931-210-8. Theses No. 25. Available online:
Traditionally, women in Vietnam have been seen as the sole nurturer and care-taker of the family. Similarly, recent reports show that both men and women in Vietnam expect women to behave in a socially constrained way. Women's struggle for leadership in religious organizations in Southeast Asia has been particularly characterized with various levels of accomplishment. This study takes the Toraja Church in Indonesia and the Evangelical Church of Vietnam as two cross-cultural case studies. As the main causes of change in the churches, the author discusses (1) the degree of destabilizing forces from external context and institutional structure; (2) the degree of support and identification with the struggle by male leaders; and (3) the dominant existence of women's feminist projects and their success in turning their feminist projects into collective effort.

China Christian Series

Publications from and with partners in China, in Chinese and/or English
Faith at Work. Directory of Christian Entrepreneurs and Workers (2017). Christoph Stückelberger / Vanessa Yuli Wang. ISBN 978-2-88931-207-8. China Christian No. 5. Available online:
How can faith be lived at work? How can ethical values be implemented in business? Believers in all religions are searching answers. In Christianity, Christian entrepreneurs and Christian workers encourage each other in associations by conferences, trainings, coaching, Bible studies, prayer, advocacy, philanthropy and publications. This Directory lists about 53 Associations of Christian Entrepreneurs and 17 Associations of Christian workers in order to get inspired and increase networking between them. The Geneva Agape Foundation is committed to strengthen faith at work by cooperating with such associations ( 

China Ethics Series

Books on ethics with a special focus on China
Philanthropy in China: Report of Concepts, History, Drivers, Institutions (2017). Liu Baocheng / Zhang Mengsha. ISBN 978-2-88931-178-1. China Ethics No. 7. Available online:
Philanthropy in China is fast growing. A new, important charity law of China came into effect in 2016. This book is a comprehensive report about these developments: Philanthropy is considered the third form of wealth distribution (private means to public ends and communities) after market competition and taxation scheme. In individualistic and market-oriented societies, philanthropy is more established and relevant than in societies, where the state controls distribution. This book compares Chinese and Western concepts of philanthropy and analyzes the history, drivers, institutional environment, latest legal frame, donation patterns, the role of civil society, corporate giving and the media in Chinese philanthropy. The report serves as comprehensive overview for all actors in society in China and internationally who are dealing with philanthropy in China CEC Flash Series.

CEC Series (Conference of European Churches) 

Edition CEC at
Beyond Prosperity? European Economic Governance as a Dialogue between Theology, Economics and Politics (2017). Editor: Peter Pavlovic. ISBN 978-2-88931-181-1. CEC No. 4. Available online:
The coexistence and mutual influence of politics and the economy is an everyday reality in modern societies. A Christian perspective on this relationship speaks to the inseparability of ethics and economy, and also to the necessity of dialogue between theology and politics. Engagement in these issues is an important public role and responsibility for churches and Christian theology. The public role of religion in Europe in this current context includes highlighting the core values of Christianity. Of special import in this regard are justice and freedom, how they are exercised in life, and a focus on other values that have undergirded the European project since its beginning. This text turns its attention to a robust theological discussion of these ideas and the challenges facing the flourishing of these values in Europe. It is a unique ecumenical, European contribution to the wider discussion on the complex intersection of theology, ethics, politics, and the economy.


The Globethics Reports are conference summary reports based on conferences that Globethics has organised and conferences that Globethics has attended, for which a summary has been necessary. The reports may include summaries as well as sophisticated recommendations and projects for action.
African Church Assets Programme ACAP (2016). Workshop Report, Nairobi/Geneva 2016. ISBN 978-2-88931-160-6. Reports. Available online:
On 2nd March 2016, at the All African Conference of Churches (AACC) in Nairobi (Kenya), the African Planning Workshop was initiated as part of the African Churches Assets Programme (phase 1). The workshop was the first step in a comprehensive programme that aims to help leaders in church institutions (such as educational centres, health care services, seminaries, etc.) to build practical capacity in a climate of strong accountability and transparency in the management of assets and resources. This workshop was a result of cooperation between and the AACC, with the support of Bread for the World. This report is a detailed overview of the presentations, outcomes and follow up of the workshops that took place from 2nd–4th March 2016, that brought together over 25 auspicious leaders and individuals from various religious institutions.

Co-Publications & Other

Individual co-publications and other books: the following titles featured here are the result of cooperation between and partners
God is Everywhere, Reflections on Spiritual Passages through Sacred Spaces in Java (2017). Elis Z. Anis (Ed.)
ISBN Available online:
This book is a collection of memories from the Interfaith Youth Pilgrimage (IYP) of participants and organizers. As readers will discover, the IYP participants were a diverse group from many faiths and beliefs who were enthusiastic to discuss how they understand and experience sacred spaces together while living in dialogue as individuals and as a group. The book concludes with the optimistic view that peaceful coexistence between faiths is not an unattainable dream.

GlobeTheoLib wishes you a blessed Advent and Christmas season and a Happy New Year!



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