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Islamic member state and the scrutiny of the death penalty in the Universal Periodic Review
The parable of the prodigal son in the fiction of Elizabeth Gaskell
A narrative inquiry of Sudanese Muslim women’s perceptions of their integration into the Finnish society in Jyvaskyla City
Bringing Environmental Issues into Church Life & Bringing Faith-based motivations into the Environmental movement: What role can faith play in addressing environmental problems?
Pastoral counselling guidelines to address the negative effect of social media on the self-worth of believers
Entre consciências vigiadas e identidades híbridas : a trajetória de Antônio Henriques e os percursos culturais e identitários dos cristãos-novos face à atuação da inquisição portuguesa no âmbito da d...
Die Brits-Israeli beweging onder wit Afrikaanssprekendes: Vorming van identiteit in die "Nuwe Suid-Afrika"
An exploration of humanistic Judaism and its quest to retain Jewish culture and tradition
Geloofsvorming en die vermoë om geloof te verdedig by kinders onder sewe jaar as korrektief op nominale Christendom
Secularism as opportunity to expose Turkish Muslims in Ris-Orangis to the Biblical gospel
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