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“Patients’ interests first, but … ”–Austrian Veterinarians’ Attitudes to Moral Challenges in Modern Small Animal Practice
No More, Monsanto. A Comprehensive Review of the Most Hated Agriculture/Biotechnology/Chemical/Confectionery/Pharmaceutical Company in America.
Recent efforts to elucidate the scientific validity of animal-based drug tests by the pharmaceutical industry, pro-testing lobby groups, and animal welfare organisations
Using animal-derived constituents in anaesthesia and surgery: the case for disclosing to patients
Treball animal: Implicacions ètiques i jurídiques
A framework for the ethical assessment of chimeric animal research involving human neural tissue
Development of transplant immunosuppressive agents - considerations in the use of animal models
An evaluation of perspectives on animal researches of Baskent University term II students in Faculties of Medicine and Law
Keeping and Killing: The Nature of Animal-Human Relationships
Complex mediascapes, complex realities: critically engaging with biotechnology debates in Ghana
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