Journal of Global Buddhism
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Dharmavidya’s Engagement with Honen: How a Contemporary British Pureland Buddhist Teacher retrieves his Japanese Spiritual Heritage
Charismatic Monks of Lanna Buddhism, by Paul Cohen
Translating Buddhism and the Politics of Ownership: Between Asia(s) and West(s)
Meditation, Buddhism, and Science. Edited by David McMahan and Erik Braun
The Buddhist Dharma for Sale: Who Owns the Past? The Internet and Objects of Worship
Adapting the Dharma: Buddhism and Contemporary Theatre Training
Environmental Buddhism Across Borders
Of Demons and Drama: Ritual Syncretism of Sinhala Exorcism and Forum Theatre
Seeing Like the Buddha: Enlightenment through Film, by Francesca Cho
Tibet and China’s Orientalists: Knowledge, Power, and the Construction of Minority Identity
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