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About this Institutional Collection is now hosting a special institutional collection of documents related to Prof. Michael Hopkins works on Corportate Social Responsibility (CSR) in various sectors. (This collection is currently in development)

MHCI1 How Does CSR help Business
MHCI2 Emerging Markets
MHCI3 International Development and CSR
MHCI4 Making Money with and CSR
MHCI5  Employment and Jobs through CSR Governance
MHCI6  The Law and CSR
MHCI7 Key Issues in CSR
MHCI8 Measurement and CSR
MHCI9 Small & Medium Enterprises and CSR
MHCI10 Sport and CSR
MHCI11 Sustainable Tourism and CSR

About Dr Michael Hopkins and MHC International Ltd
Dr. Michael Hopkins is Chair and Partner of MHCi, shop has worked in the Corporate sector (IBM, cheap BAT, ITT/STC, Addax, UEFA, BP), the United Nations (ILO, UNDP, WFP, UNIDO, UNITAR), The World Bank and in Academia (IDS Sussex, QEH Oxford, Middlesex, Geneva Universities), and has held a number of Professorships (Middlesex, Brunel, George Mason University). He is a PhD economist with a strong focus upon measurement, employment issues and executive education especially in emerging market economies. Since leaving the UN where he was a staff member for 13 years (ILO) he founded, and is CEO, of MHCi and its subsidiary the CSR and Financial Institute (CSRFI), founded the Arabia CSR Awards and founded and directed for six years until 2013 the University of Geneva's CSR Executive Training. 

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