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MIQOT : Journal of Islamic Studies is a peer-reviewed journal, published twice a year [January-June and July-December] by IAIN Press, State Islamic University of North Sumatra, Indonesia. It is available online as open access sources as well as in print. MIQOT: Journal of Islamic Studies publishes articles in the fields of Alquran, hadis, theology, philosophy, tasawuf, law and Islamic economics, education, history, and psychology.


ISSN: 0852-0720 (print) ; 2502-3616 (online)


The library contains articles of MIQOT as of vol. 32(2008) to current.


  CC BY SA.  

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  • Etika politik
    • Etika sistem politik
  • Etika budaya
    • Etika media dan komunikasi
  • Etika keluarga
  • Etika filosofis
    • Etika hukum
  • metode etika
    • Etika filosofis
  • Etika komunitas
    • Etika gender
    • Etika minoritas
  • Etika hukum dan hak

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